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3 Surefire Ways to Attract New Text Message Subscribers

Are you one of the many companies who signed up to text-enable your business phone number? If you are and you have no clue how to get people to subscribe to your list of contacts, this article is for you.

A text messaging platform is one of the most cost-effective and efficient form of communication with your consumers. With SMS marketing on the rise, it’s also high on the return on investment because it’s proven to be the preferred method of receiving promotional offers.

Text My Main Number has worked with numerous organizations, educational institutes, and businesses like your own, and experience has shown us exactly what it will take to get your leads and existing customers excited about texting with your company. Below we will share the top 3 ways to attract new contacts to subscribe to receive text messages from your business.

3 Surefire Ways to Attract New Text Message Subscribers

If you haven’t seen the latest statistics regarding the influx in business text messaging, here are a few facts you should know:

  1. 90% of the people who use smart phones and other mobile devices are within reach the entire day.

  2. 72% of those users look for new messages on their devices from the moment they wake up.

  3. The redemption rate of coupons sent using business text messaging is between 70-80%.

The bottom line is, it’s time for you to put together a robust SMS marketing campaign to increase your list of subscribers. Your subscribers will not only soon find out that they prefer redeeming promotional offers by simply clicking on a link they received via text but will also appreciate the fast communication with your company that business text messaging offers them.

Now let’s get into how to boost that list of Text Message subscribers.

1. Keyword Promotions

Text My Main Number has a variety of industries using our text messaging platform so we know that whether you own or manage a non-profit org, a real estate agency, a restaurant, a school, a salon, and just about any industry under the sun; SMS campaigns to increase your list of Text Message subscribers start with attracting your audience to text a keyword.

You can ask them to text a keyword like “Signup” to your business phone number, and if you add a discount offer for doing so…even better. You can invite them to subscribe via:

  1. Email

  2. Social Media

  3. Print advertisement

  4. Live feed on Instagram or Facebook

  5. Radio

  6. Television

  7. Podcast

Promotional Signups

As we mentioned above, when you attach a promotional offer to your invitation to sign up to your business text messaging, there’s a higher chance of enticing people to sign up. In exchange for them to opt-in, you can offer a discount on their next purchase online or in-store. Including text that assures them that text recipients receive exclusive offers going forward will encourage them to stay opted-in to receiving messages from your business.

Clear Calls-to-Action

Those who are experienced in the SMS marketing game know that when it comes to business text messaging, including a clear call-to-action that is compelling will force the recipient’s hand so to speak. The easiest way to convert a lead into a customer is by making it very clear what it is they need to do next. For example, you can include wording on your marketing material such as:

“Click here to sign up,” or

Include a button on your social media ads that says:

  1. Subscribe now

  2. Learn more

  3. Get started

  4. Join our list

Once you see your list of contacts building above your expectations, feel free to visit our blog to learn more about the best practices in SMS marketing.

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