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3 Holiday SMS Marketing Strategies That Will Guarantee an Increase in Sales

Are you a retail business that is very ready to beat your competitors and boost sales for the holidays? If so, Text My Main Number has the key to boosting your sales using SMS Marketing.

Once Thanksgiving is over and everyone is done with eating their biggest meal of the year, spending time with their family, and eating leftovers for the remainder of the week…it’s time to start the holiday shopping! If you’re sending promotional offers using your business texting platform, get ready for an influx in orders.

In an effort to help online and brick and mortar retailers boost sales for the holiday season, Text My Main Number has designed a list of the best SMS marketing strategies that are guaranteed to increase sales!

3 Holiday SMS Marketing Strategies That Will Guarantee an Increase in Sales

Research has demonstrated that consumers spend the most holiday shopping dollars online and not in stores. While Black Friday is probably the most popular day to start the holiday shopping craze, Cyber Monday beats it by a landslide. In fact, people spent over 6 billion dollars last year on Cyber Monday.

Holiday shopping continues throughout the next several weeks leading up to Christmas Day. So, if you have a retail business and you haven’t put together a holiday marketing plan, use this article as a guide to get you started with business texting which is the preferred method of communication to consumers.

We want you to avoid losing out on the big money that exists in holiday shopping by using the # 1 method of communication; landline texting. If you have a text-enabled business phone number, you can use this time of year to send promotional offers via text messages to your consumers.

Let’s go over some of the best SMS marketing strategies to increase sales.

1. Collaborate with a Competitor

Sounds ridiculous right? Well it’s not. It’s brilliant! Think about it. If you collaborate with one of your competitors to combine holiday promotions, you will increase your consumer audience because both your customers and theirs will be at your reach. The key here is to partner with a competitor who has a larger customer base.

Before reaching out to your competitor to offer a partnership, go on their website and find a product or service that would go well with one of your own. You’ll want the promotional offer that compliments a product or service for both brands so that it makes sense.

For example: If you sell cell phones, collaborate with a competitor who sells cell phone cases so that the combined offer makes sense.

If you sell mugs which is one of the highest trending items to sell this year, reach out to a competitor who sells tea or coffee to create an attractive holiday gift offer.

Once you’ve decided which competitor to link your holiday gift offer with, it’s time to leverage from the power that exists in business text messaging. Since landline texting is such a resourceful tool to send promotional offers and alerts to your consumers, it’s an excellent platform to use to announce your exciting partnership. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to reach your now larger audience to encourage them to click and buy your promotional gift offer.

2. Free Giveaway

A free giveaway is not new for SMS marketing plans. While it may seem counterproductive because you’re trying to increase revenue it’s actually one of the best ways to bring in sales.

Choose an item you may be overstocked on to choose as the free giveaway item which can end up being something that customers re-gift to their family, friends, or even a coworker.

Here are a few strategies that will help make your free giveaway offer even more appealing:

Make the offer exclusive: When you announce a limited offer, it creates a sense of urgency to the consumer. They want to make sure to take advantage of the offer before it runs out. Additionally, you can make this offer even more exclusive by only offering it to those who subscribe to receive text messages from your business.

Replace discount offers with a free gift offer: Free always sounds better than a percentage off of a purchase. People would rather receive a free gift than 10% off their purchase. So instead of using your business text messaging platform to send a discounted offer, announce a free giveaway.

Create a minimum sale amount per order: In your landline texting campaign for the holidays, you can set a minimum order amount before they qualify to receive a free gift. In other words, you’re offering an incentive when they spend a specific amount.

Design a Holiday Gift Guide for your SMS Marketing Campaign

According to research, nearly 20% of consumers start their holiday shopping research in September, and a whopping 40% start in November. Most importantly, online shoppers like browsing through gift guides and start selecting their purchases in December.

The best way to announce your holiday gift guide is using your landline texting admin panel to create a targeted group to send the announcement to. Use wording like:

“Our Holiday Gift Guide is Ready! Click on the link to take advantage of our exclusive offers now!”

Consumers who are accustomed to searching through gift guides, typically have a specific person in mind to buy the gift for. So, take advantage of this mindset and create a niche-specific gift guide. Since children and women are the most popular target audience to buy for, you may want to create a gift guide that is specific to these groups.

Set up your SMS Business Texting Campaign for the Holidays

Text My Main Number is offering a free 14-day trial for businesses who would like to text-enable their business phone number. This holiday season is the best time to test the benefits of using a text messaging platform by launching an SMS marketing campaign that will increase sales and subscribers.

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