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20 Useful SMS Templates to Improve Messaging

Part of properly strategizing a successful SMS marketing by SMS Templates campaign consists on setting goals. You must decide if what your business needs is to:

  1. Drive more traffic to the company website

  2. Generate leads

  3. Increase brand awareness

  4. Boost sales

Otherwise all the efforts you put towards your business texting campaigns can easily be rendered futile.

Having such a powerful communication platform like the Text My Main Number landline texting platform can help you attract new consumers and ultimately become a resourceful tool for daily operations. Many companies are using business texting to:

  1. Send alerts

  2. Send appointment confirmations and reminders

  3. Answer product and service questions

  4. Provide instant customer service

  5. …and all can be done using MMS!

These daily tasks are only some of the many features that landline texting offers business owners.

Now, we’re going to review some of the most successful SMS Templates to help you communicate better with your audience and help you increase sales.

20 Successful SMS Templates to Improve Messaging

Once you’ve undergone the free Text My Main Number trial and you’re ready to implement your new SMS marketing tool, it’s time to decide how to create messages that are concise and alluring. You don’t want to get stuck copying/pasting/editing messages while you try to figure out the type of context that sounds just right.

Here are some inspirational SMS templates to use when your creative juices just aren’t flowing.

SMS Reminders

Sending SMS reminders are an excellent way to manage schedules by reminding people about their appointments, boosting revenue by sending alerts about sales, increasing RSVPs for events, and more.

The SMS reminders can be simple and using some of the templates below should help get you started.

5 SMS Templates for SMS Reminders

  1. “Hi Michael. This is Child and Family Psychology. We just wanted to remind you about your appointment tomorrow at 11 AM.”

  2. “Hi Sarah. This is Stacey with Paloma Bakery here. We’re sending a friendly reminder that your order will be ready to be picked up tomorrow at 5 PM.”

  3. “This appointment reminder is for Barry who is scheduled to meet with Jasmine to process his taxes.”

  4. “Don’t forget! Your Business Marketing class has been rescheduled for Friday the 13th at 3 PM.”

  5. “Hi Evelyn! We see that you added items to your cart but didn’t check out. Just wanted to let you know that promo code SALENOW will give you 15% off your order if you checkout now!”

SMS Loyalty Programs

Setting up a loyalty program with SMS messaging is way better than the punch cards that everyone seems to lose. Once your audience has opted-in, they can track their points, visits, etc. via SMS text messages.

To reward your subscribers for being loyal customers, you can send them special offers.

5 Loyalty Program SMS Templates

  1. “Thank you for being such a loyal customer! Since we haven’t seen you in 3 months, we miss you and want to offer you a free gift to come back. Reply now with CLAIM MY GIFT to schedule an appointment.”

  2. “Text the keyword ILOVENAILS for 10% off your next manicure at Posh Nails.”

  3. “Send us a picture of your most recent receipt to and get a coupon for a $25 gift card.”

  4. “Can you believe it’s been a whole month since you subscribed to our list?! Reply with IAMVIP for a free $10 coupon.”

  5. “Reply with FLASHSALE to receive 75% off all women shoes today only!”

Encourage Sales and Improve Customer Service with SMS Surveys

Feedback is the best way to learn about your customer’s buying habits. Asking the right questions on a survey will let you know which products and/or services are in high demand and which ones you can do away with. Additionally, you can send out SMS surveys to find out where your customer service can use improvement.

5 SMS Survey Templates to Improve Customer Service

  1. “Hi Jimmy. We would love to hear about your experience with Smithson Locks! Leave us a quick review at [URL] and you’ll receive a $10 gift card.”

  2. “Thank you for your recent purchase! On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend our product to your family and friends?”

  3. “We see you spoke to our support team today! Was Angie able to help resolve your problem in a timely fashion? Reply YES or NO.”

  4. “Please rate the value of your most recent phone call with Dedicated Office on a scale of 1-10.”

  5. “Which service do you feel is the most useful at Vector Car Wash? Reply with power wash, car detailing, or vacuuming.”

5 SMS Survey Templates to Help Encourage Sales

  1. “Thank your recent purchase of our Elle Fashion Boots. Visit [URL] for a complete guide on this year’s best fall fashion picks.”

  2. “Read our latest blog post on 5 Ways to Find the Best Deals on Our Website at [URL]”

  3. “Thank you for signing up to receive recipes from Kitchen Classics. You might be interested in learning more about buying the right organic foods on our website by visiting [URL].”

  4. “We’re offering free hair care evaluations. Reply with DETAILS to learn more and schedule your evaluation.”

  5. “Hi Brianne. We noticed you purchased a new quilt today. Consider adding some pillow shams to your order that match perfectly with your new quilt. Visit [URL] to see pillow shams that go well with your order!”

Start Using the Easiest SMS Platform for Your Business Today

Ready to start sending SMS templates, but not sure how to get started? Start your FREE two-week trial with Text My Main Number today, and we’ll throw in free training to help you navigate our easy-to-use landline texting platform.

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