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2 Ways Landline Texting for Business Increases Sales

So how will Landline Texting for Business ensure an increase in sales you ask? Well, think about the full process of landing a sale or a new client. It starts with an exchange that becomes a lead and then HOW you nurture that lead is what determines if you’ve gained a new customer. The more personalized your method of interaction is, the more likely you are to establish trust from the lead while increasing their interest in your brand.

Once you have their interest, it’s the next 5 tips that’s going to lock them in. Then you just copy and paste your methodology to multiply your revenue.

2 Ways Landline Texting for Business Increases Sales

Like we stated above, if you gain more leads, you’ll increase sales. The question is, how exactly will landline texting for business help you convert your audience from people who are just clicking around on your website or social media profiles into actual customers?

1. Use Landline Texting for Business to Generate Leads

The more leads you attract to your brand, the more sales you’ll receive. Being that text messaging is the feature that cell phone users utilize the most, it’s safe to say that you have a greater chance of attracting them by using landline texting.

Think about it. If you wanted to reach someone right now to tell them about something exciting, does your instinct drive you to email them? Or is your first thought to go to their Facebook page to send them a message? Probably not.

Your first instinct is probably to call someone when you want to tell them about something exciting or urgent. However, people rarely answer their phones and depending on the time of day, more times than not you’re going to get their voicemail.

Now, what they will do almost IMMEDIATELY is check a new text message when they see the notification on their phone.

So again, landline texting for business is the method that will generate the most leads because texting is the majority of the population’s preferred communication method.

If you’re using Google Adwords to attract leads, you can now add coding that will let leads directly send a text message to your business. You can then use a landline texting for business platform to reply instantly and engage with your leads. You can also generate leads by using the SMS feature on your social media profiles. Depending on the platform, some have the option to add a click-to-text button right on your profile.

2. Beat Your Competitors with Your Follow-up Method

OK, now you pulled their attention because they clicked to text your business. What’s next? Research has demonstrated that 35-50% of sales go to the brand that replies first to a lead’s inquiry. Then comes the art of persuasion and the attitude you use in the verbiage of your message to certify that you’re using your landline texting for business technique at its best.

To build rapport with your leads you must start by indicating how your product or service will provide a solution so it’s crucial that you are detailed in your persuasion. Your text message will be read within seconds of being received so there is no doubt that you will connect with your leads more via text messaging than any other method of communication.


Once you have your foot in the door with your lead, send an inviting message that persuades them to click on a link to learn more about how your product or service is the answer to what they need and always suggest a way to connect. Include a call-to-action and use the word “free” wherever you can because everyone appreciates that they can ask more questions or schedule a consult at no cost to them. For more information on how landline texting for business can help your brand increase sales, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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