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2 Online Review Tactics That Will Improve Your Brand’s Online Reputation

In this digital age we live in, online presence is extremely important to all industries, brands, and influencers. If you’re online presence isn’t constant, it makes it impossible to become recognized by your target audience.

One of the most resourceful tools for your brand to become recognized online is to have trustworthy positive online reviews. Those only come from delivering excellent experiences to your customers. If you’re too busy to answer your phones, email inquiries, online chat messages, etc. then hire a virtual staff that can attend to your customer’s concerns immediately.

It is quite common these days for a customer who has had a really good or really bad exchange with your brand to want to write about it online to let others know about their experience. Chances are you have a review section on most of your social media platforms, Yelp listing, directories, and your Google listing.

But how do you get people to submit online reviews in order to improve your brand’s online reputation?

We’ve got you covered. Here are:

2 Online Review Tactics That Will Improve Your Brand’s Online Reputation

1. Foster the positive online reviews

Listen. Getting online reviews is really just the first step, because the content of the review itself is really what matters. If someone submits a “good review,” obviously it will boost your brand’s online image. It’s really important that you acknowledge the positive reviews by thanking the user who submitted it.

If you’re not too online savvy or simply don’t have the time to check reviews as they come in, hire a customer service call center that will be able to receive the notification in real time and quickly respond to the consumer who submitted the positive review.  It would be an excellent gesture on the brand’s part to also offer the consumer who submitted the positive online review an incentive for doing so. Offer them a promotional discount on their next purchase, and now you have a loyal repeat customer who trusts your brand.

2. Addressing the Negative Online Reviews

Now…for the not so positive online reviews, that’s a whole other story.

If you get negative online reviews it will affect your brand and even the business owner’s emotions. Instead of letting it get to you, just take a deep breath AND DO NOT REACT DESTRUCTIVELY!

Take a few moments to see how you can spin this into a positive outcome. Take time to respond to the user and ask them what you can do to resolve any of the factors that caused them to write a negative review. This gives you the opportunity to improve your customer service methods while also showing those who are reading the negative review on your profile that you stepped in to attempt to correct any concern the consumer had.

If you let a negative online review sit for too long, you can bet it’s going to effect revenue because the onlookers will see it and will notice that you didn’t take any action to help the situation. They’re not going to want to experience the same thing with your company.

However, if you have a virtual staff that is ready and waiting to answer and address any customer concerns instantly, then you will not only have done your best to remedy the situation, you may even find that the customer will retract their negative review.

A customer service call center will not only answer a concerned customer’s phone calls, reply to their emails or online chat inquiries, but they can also take action to satisfy the customer’s needs.

For example:

  1. If the customer would like to return or exchange a product, the customer service call center team can handle the request.

  2. If the customer wants more product or service information or is requesting a quote, the call center reps can provide the information and log into your CRM to send a quote. If an estimate appointment is needed, they can set the appointment on your calendar as well.

  3. If the customer simply wants to vent by phone and explain why they’re upset and what they expect the company to do to satisfy them, the professionally trained call center staff can address their concerns immediately by phone. If the business owner needs to be contacted to authorize the needed actions to satisfy the customer, then a protocol to do so will be set for certain situations (like processing a refund above a specific dollar amount).


A good majority of the population is used to searching online and when it’s someone who is ready to spend money on a product or service, there’s a good chance they’re going to check your online reviews to see if they can trust your brand.

Be sure to contact us if you’re in need of partnering with a customer service call center that can help manage and improve your brand’s online presence.

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