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10 Valuable Reasons You Should Attend Trade Shows

Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, there are a ton of advantages and reasons why you should attend trade shows. Yes, cost is of course a valid issue since you will usually have to travel to attend these trade shows and also pay registration fees (although some retailers attend at no cost depending on the show). Nonetheless, there are at least 10 reasons you should participate in trade shows and that includes gaining valuable knowledge, experience, and exposure for your products or services.

In no specific order, the points listed below are very valuable reasons to strongly consider attending trade shows.

1. Gain exposure and knowledge to the latest trends, resources and products that are available for your wholesale company or retail business. This is an excellent way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not! You’ll also find out what your company needs to keep up with the latest and greatest innovative industry additions.

2. Stimulate creative methods to support your business with new ideas despite the past seasons, economy, and more. Where and who you will gain this knowledge from is limitless! Facing your competition at the show, the general show experience, and even the various ways you participate with the show will make a great impact to your brand.

3. Meet other vendors and retailers who you may be able to learn a thing or two from. You’ll be able to cross paths and possibly gain business from people that you would’ve never had the chance to meet had you not participated in the trade show.

4. Find out what your competition is up to lately without having to go great lengths to find out, since their business information will be very accessible. Ask yourself,  “how does my business compare to my competition?” Then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to strengthen and improve your business.

5. Expose yourself to the media/press that attends the trade show so they know all about your business. That goes for retail, wholesale, and professional service industries! Make sure your brand stands out so that you’re remembered for a good length of time after the show.

6. Capture leads for strategic partnerships and more importantly, potential clients. Collect business cards or scan contact information from badges, refer to the provided directory of exhibitors and attendees,  and use all other provided outlets to your advantage. Outlets that will help you build your list of contacts and your business outreach.

7. Participate in informational seminars, surveys, and networking events that are only scheduled to take place at trade shows. These events will expose you to new business, new people, and new ways of forward thinking for your brand’s success.

8. Get immediate answers whether from a retailer or vendor, since the trade show will allow for face-to-face communication and accessible exposure outlets for both retailers and vendors.

9. Become more educated on your industry so that you can improve support for your clients and customers by using all of the resources trade shows have to offer.

10. Have fun. That’s right we said it – have fun. Nothing gives an entrepreneur or business partners more energy than a good time while working to stay motivated to do even more work!

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