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10 Amazing Texting to Crisis Landline Number Benefits

10 Texting to Crisis Landline Number Benefits Although most people use texting to send adorable photos and making plans, the Text My Main Number texting to crisis landline service is putting it to a completely different practice. On the surface, it’s like any other form of asking for help — with just one difference, anyone in need of immediately assistance can privately contact a trained professional without having to speak. Here are some of the enormous benefits texting to crisis landline affords people who are hesitant to vocalize their problem:

  1. Provides a private method to reach out for help

  2. People are less hesitant to ask for help in desperate situations

  3. Allows you to get fast assistance

  4. You can utilize an easy-to-use messaging service

  5. Delivers an easier way to reach a crisis team

  6. Has the capacity to save more lives

  7. Crisis professionals are available at your fingertips in real time

  8. No special application is required

  9. Provides an enhanced and efficient support system

  10. You get a faster response for your immediate need

Teens Prefer Texting to Crisis LandlineTeens favor texting when it comes to talking about intimate issues, says Danah Boyd, an assistant professor of media, culture and communication at New York University. “It’s not that they’re incapable of talking,” Ms. Boyd says. “When they’re in crisis, more often than not, the need for intimacy, the need for privacy trumps all else.”

Seniors Prefer Texting to Crisis Landline

The percentage of texting seniors is on the rise. According to research:

  1. People between the ages of 45-64 are the fastest growing demographic on the mobile front. (Nielsen)

  2. In the 50-64 age bracket, 88% own a cell phone, and in the 65+ age bracket, 74% own cell phones. Amongst all cell phone users, 81% use their cell phones to send text messages. (Pew Internet)

  3. 60% of over-45-year-olds say that they are just as likely to use texting as voice calling. (Mobile Marketer)

  4. 60 % of Baby Boomers send text messages. (Forbes)

  5. People aged 55-64 send and receive an average of 80 text messages per month, and senior citizens 65+ average 32 text messages per month. (Baby Boomers)

  6. Of Baby Boomers who use text messaging, 57% would have a positive view of a company that offers texting, and 42% agree that it would be convenient for any company

    Texting for Teens
    to use texting for customer service. (Harris Interactive)

  7. Texting is on the rise for small businesses, as 58 percent text for business at least once a month. (Forbes and Cisco VNI Update)

  8. Only 33% even listen to voicemails from business contacts. (Forbes and Cisco VNI Update)

  9. Over 30% of voicemails linger unheard for 3 days or longer (NY Times)

  10. On average, Americans exchange

    landline texting
    five times as many texts as they do phone
    Seniors Texting
    calls. (Informate)

Text My Main
text to landline for seniors
Number Features of Texting to Crisis Landline Number Service:

  1. A web-based user panel that is easy to use

  2. Unlimited/Subscription based text messages

  3. MMS/SMS

  4. Simple messages

  5. Mass messages

  6. Scheduled messages

  7. ITR (Integrated Text Response)

  8. Contacts

  9. Contact grouping

  10. Multiple user support

  11. Canned and Auto Replies

  12. Scheduled Reply

  13. Quick responses

  14. No hidden charges

  15. Real time support

  16. Reports Text My Main Number offers a texting to crisis landline service unlike any other helpline service. Now, a person who is undergoing any type of crisis will have the ability to quickly and securely reach out for help.

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