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4 Ways Landline Texting for Business Will Improve Your Marketing Plan

It wasn’t too long ago that the mobilized communication platform known as Landline Texting for Business was deemed the best and latest form to reach leads. It completely changed the way daily operations would be managed and how we nurture our relationships with customers. Landline texting for business became “a thing” in recent years but SMS for business was something that become common in the early 90s. It started as a tool that Europeans used for easy banking transactions,

2 Ways Landline Texting for Business Increases Sales

So how will Landline Texting for Business ensure an increase in sales you ask? Well, think about the full process of landing a sale or a new client. It starts with an exchange that becomes a lead and then HOW you nurture that lead is what determines if you’ve gained a new customer. The more personalized your method of interaction is, the more likely you are to establish trust from the lead while increasing their interest in your brand. Once you have their interest, it’s the n

The 3 Best Free Texting Apps for Smartphones

“If it’s free it’s for me!” We’ve all heard this saying and the reason it is so popular is because everyone loves anything that’s free. Especially if it’s a service you can make use of like the best Free Texting app. When looking for a free texting app there are some things you should consider. For starters, some are bombarded with annoying promo ads because someone has to make their money somewhere. Other SMS/MMS services aren’t as irritating. Being that text messaging is th

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