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About Susan Serena

Online Business Development & Digital Marketing Specialist

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work with amazing brands and companies. From setting strategic marketing goals, to customer experience strategies, I carefully review the needs of each client and tailor my work accordingly.

I started out in my field in 2000, and since then I’ve gathered the skills and expertise necessary to take you to the next level.

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My Coaching Program

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Susan Serena

A Result-Driven Strategist

Are you a launchepreneur or entrepreneur? I only work with the latter.

It took a very dark moment for me to decide I was no longer going to work for anyone. When I was firm about it and my mindset was in just the right place, I went all in.

With the help of a Business Coach + a Mindset Coach I began to work around the clock. But this time it was for my own business.

I scaled to six figures in just 3 months. I maintained that growth for several months before I began to pivot and add even more marketing services to my offers.

Here I am a year later and I'm now coaching entrepreneurs and business owners to launch and/or scale their business using the same roadmap I followed to reach my goals.

Here's an idea of what that (and my coaching) program looks like.

🎆 The grind stage

Months 1-4 is where we research and decide:

  • What you'll sell

  • What the price point should be

  • Your launch strategy

We stay in "the grind stage" until you're making sales every day on your first product.

📈 The growth stage

Months 5-8:

We ensure to maintain 25 sales a day and rollout as many products/services (ideally between 3-5 products or services) as you can comfortably handle.

Just 3-5 products/services selling 25 times a day is a million $ business.

🌟 We will roll out these products to the same audience who purchased your first product. Momentum will begin to build fast.

💰 The gold stage

Months 9-12 we will begin to experiment with different advertising methods. Our marketing strategy is based on your target audience's behaviors. When designing your marketing plan we'll decide which route to take like Instagram ads, sponsoring a podcast, or pay an influencer.

This is also the stage where you finally begin to pay yourself.

We're going to stay laser focused on following this roadmap and you will surely have a million dollar business in 12 months.

Prepare yourself for one hell of a year!


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